Thursday, October 15, 2009

Another month gone

I honestly don't know where the time goes most days. Between watching and playing with the baby and trying to get some stuff done around the house, I look up and the day is already gone. Like today for example, baby woke up at 8am so we played in my bed until his naptime at 9:30. I then got ready for the day: wash face, brush teeth, put on makeup and clothes. Then did some laundry. Baby woke up at 10:45 and we ran some errands around town, came home and fed the baby some lunch and naptime again. I got to do my workout in peace, and he woke up around 1:30. Fed a snack and played alot on the floor. I ate lunch and played some more. Then naptime again at 3. He is still sleeping and I am getting some stuff done online and finishing the laundry. Oh and somewhere in there I cleaned the kitchen and did the dishes. And started thawing out some ground beef for use in tonight's dinner.

However, I don't think I have actually enjoyed the day. I haven't really stopped to enjoy the cute moments with my son or listen to any music or watch a favorite TV show or anything that would enrich me. I need to do some things that are enriching instead of doing things that end up just sucking up my day and time. You know, more and more often the idea of writing a book has been harder and harder to get rid of or justify why I shouldn't. I guess I could always do that.

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