Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lame excuses

I've been reading and listening to a lot of Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church lately, and I have to confess I have been convicted of my shortcomings when it comes to recognizing God's power and using the gifts I have been given. Driscoll makes it abundantly clear that Christ is Lord. Period. End of story. And because He is Lord we are compelled and commanded to proclaim his majesty and grace to the world. I, for one, have known that for a long time, but I have been lacking in my passion for serving and proclaiming Him as Lord. I was privileged to sit in on a staff meeting last night, and as I sat listening to all of the leaders of our church the Holy Spirit whispered gently to me about my complacency and lack of motivation. It was like a slap in the face. How did I get here? I have used far too many lame excuses for not serving. The biggest of all has been our son. It's his nap time. He won't be up that early or we can't keep him out that late. He doesn't know them. Every one of those excuses have been used multiple times ad nauseum. It's pathetic really, and it's finished. Our son needs to see his parents serving and worshiping the one true God. I need forgiveness for excusing my lack of zeal. Thankfully, it is God's kindness that leads me to repentance.

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