Friday, May 21, 2010

Things I like

I get wrapped up in the tedious chores of the daily routine, and I forget how many small, simple pleasures there are to enjoy being a housewife and mother. So to remind myself I am going to create a list of just the ones on my mind right now.

-a quiet house while the baby naps
-Barrett's laughter
-the way my husband smells after a shower
-gardening in the morning before it gets too hot outside to enjoy it
-the satisfaction of growing our own food
-the taste of a homegrown tomato, peach, strawberry, etc.
-the feel of freshly laundered sheets
-eating outside
-eating with your fingers
-making love in the afternoon
-the perfect hug
-holding a sleeping child
-reading a really good book
-cooking a really great meal
-being debt free
-crawling into bed at night with the love of my life
-God's grace
-singing really loud in the car
-the colors green and purple
-the smell of brewing coffee and bacon frying
-the sound of cracking the shell on a creme brulee
-laughing at my husband as he dances for the baby
-petting a dog or two
-traveling to somewhere I've never been
-traveling to somewhere I've been a million times
-a Texas State Fair corndog
-the wind on your face as you drive with the windows down
-getting lost
-being found

It is so easy to lose sight of the simple pleasures and blessings. I am so guilty of that. I need to remember this life is short and we have only so many days in which to enjoy it. Please God remind me each day to be thankful for the blessings you have given our family. Thank you.

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