Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More vaccinations

Today Barrett had his second round of shots: Pc and Hib. As of right now, he is doing remarkably well considering. he's still a little more cranky and needy than normal, but I don't mind giving out more hugs and kisses. I guess we're lucky. Some kids scream and cry for hours after getting shots. Little man just cries during the shot and for a few seconds after. We came home and took a nice long nap together so he was happy when he woke up.

The most amazing thing is happening with Barrett. He's turning into a child and not just a newborn baby. He looks different, acts different, is different. His personality is developing, and he is a lot more fun to be around. He doesn't just sit around and stare at things. He is really studying everything around him trying to figure out how to get it into his mouth. I can't believe how much he's changed in just a few weeks. Everyday is something new. Everyday for him is a new adventure. I am so blessed to be able to bear witness to his wonder and exploration. And hopefully one day he will be able to express his appreciation for the days and nights his parents spent up and down with him.

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