Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Unexpected trip and adventure for the dogs

This morning Barrett and I slept in a little bit after daddy left for work which is not something that happens often. Most mornings we are up and going by 7, but this morning he wasn't quite ready to get up I suppose because we left until 9. It was glorious.

Well, when we finally did wake up I had a text from my husband asking if I would mind driving up to Camp Mabry to bring his beret. Of course, I don't mind. Besides, it gives me a good reason to see him during the day which doesn't happen very often, and Barrett will get to see his daddy for lunch. We pack up and take off, getting up there around 11. Husband's coworkers and superior officer got to see the baby, and we got to go to lunch with him. I love being able to just pick up and leave with the baby. He's so laid back and easy going. It's wonderful.

We get home and I let the dogs outside while I changed the baby. I heard them bark a couple times but that's not anything new. After a few minutes I opened the back door to let them back inside, and they're not in the backyard. They're gone. I was dumbfounded. Both of them didn't have a collar on. Either one of two things happened.

#1: the A/C repair guys didn't latch the gate well enough yesterday afternoon, and they got out


#2: someone intentionally opened our gate and let them out

I am really hoping for the former answer because I can't believe someone in our neighborhood would do that. We have a nice neighborhood. People are friendly, and everything is quiet and lovely around here. So to think someone would be so vindictive and mean is beyond me. Anyway, I packed up Barrett and was about to get in the car to go find the dogs when I opened the garage door, and both dogs came running in. How amazing! This was truly an amazing thing because Spartacus, our schnauzer, is a runner. If he gets out, prepare yourself for a chase. He was the first one into the garage followed right behind by our Catahoula mix, Clementine. Thank God for small favors! I couldn't imagine our home without them.

Now everyone is resting quietly. Little man is sitting in his bouncer seat playing with the toys hanging from the bar above him, and the dogs are underneath the dining room table panting happily. We lead a simple life, but I wouldn't trade it for any amount in the world.

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