Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sigg bottles and gDiapers

Only once in a blue moon do we have money for the hubby and I to blow on random frivolous things. May is one of those times, and I can't wait to spend my money. I've already decided on a couple of things to get...a new 33oz Sigg bottle. ( These bottles are amazing! They are made out of high grade aluminum and last forever. They don't leech plastic into the water or whatever you choose to put in it and stay cold for hours.

The next splurge will be gDiapers for the baby. I just have to buy a package of inserts and a couple liners because I bought the covers off a friend whose baby outgrew them. These are amazing as well! ( A cross between cloth and disposable diapers, zero plastic and completely biodegradable. A very green option for a modern mommy trying to make her part of the world a little better.

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