Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday mornings

Some mornings are easy and some are not. Sunday mornings are not. I have to get up, get the baby up who did not want to wake up this morning, and get us both ready for church. Usually I have a pretty good system which works well for us, but for some reason this morning we were off our A game and everything seemed to go awry. First the baby wanted to eat so as I was nursing him, he pooped which was fine but his morning poop is explosive so it got all over him. I took him in his room to change him and let him play in his crib with his helicopter mobile. He was happy for about 10 minutes in which time I have washed my face, brushed my teeth, and started to put my makeup on. I walked into his nursery and he is screaming at his mobile which has stopped turning so I wind it up again and immediately he stops screaming.

Now he's smiling and laughing and not concerned at all that we have to be at church in 15 minutes and I am still not dressed and neither is he. l quickly finished getting ready and threw on some clothes that were on the floor and went in to get the baby dressed. He squirms more than usual and starts screaming again...most likely because he doesn't want to have clothes on. I get him in the carseat, and he immediately poops again. So I get him out of the carseat and change his diaper and put him back in the carseat. We make it out of the house with 5 minutes to spare. We get to church only to realize I left the baby wipes at home. Fantastic!

Church starts and he's asleep in our BabyHawk carrier, and as soon as the message starts Barrett wakes up and is really fussy. So I have to leave the auditorium and walk around the building a couple times and he goes back to sleep sort of. We make it through the first service but he's fading fast and is not happy about it. We leave church before the next service started and get home and no sooner does his head hit the pillow that he's out. Thank God for small favors.

The rest of the day will most likely pan out like this...
1. lunch
2. naptime
3. playtime
4. dinner
5. naptime
6. bath time
7. bedtime

Seriously, sometimes I wonder if I will ever get to have a say in my schedule again, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. I know he won't be a baby forever so I have to enjoy his dependence on me while I can because he is growing up so fast. I love being a mommy!

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