Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sunshine and pacifiers

Mornings are really special now. Barrett is definitely a morning baby, and he always wakes up so happy. He babbles and coos and laughs. It starts my day off so wonderfully. We just linger in bed, playing and laughing. Life is so simple and glorious now. How did we ever exist before him? I find it so hard to believe waiting so long to have babies, but I know God gave him to us at the right time.

We took a drive earlier, and he fell asleep with the sunshine spilling into the back seat and pooling on his little toes. He loves the car, watching the world whiz past and sucking on his favorite binky. Didn't go anywhere special, just around town. I got lunch and came back home. Now it's naptime, and he's dreaming in the other room. I should be getting some stuff done around the house, but I'm not feeling very domestic at the moment. There's time enough for such things later.

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