Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Freaking A/C is leaking!

So I got up because I couldn't sleep, and I hear dripping. Great! I walk down the hallway and listen for where it is coming from and lo and behold it's coming from the A/C vent. I open the panel and move the air filter and the freaking ground is covered in 1/2" of water!!!! Who knows how long it has been dripping?!!! The drywall behind the vent is wet and the 2x4s are wet. I am pissed. This unit was just installed in May. We haven't even had it for 2 months. All I know is the people who installed it better come tomorrow, and they better fix it and provide an answer as to why the "state of the art" A/C unit they sold us is freaking dripping through our ceiling!

Dammit, now we have to figure out how to dry the area behind the vent so mold doesn't grow. Of course this would happen as soon as we decide to sell our house! It never ends. It's always something.

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