Friday, July 17, 2009

Meditations on a green sky

I've often wondered if the things I did or didn't do in my youth really sculpted the woman I am today. Did the lovers I left in my past shape the lover I am today? Did the friends I left behind make me the friend I am now? I dream regularly of people from my past, and sometimes I want to call and talk to those people just to see if I am in their thoughts and dreams. One particular person reoccurs in my dreams. So often, in fact, it's annoying. Why am I dreaming about him? We didn't even really like each other when we knew each other.

Then I think...what if those same people who skate through my dreams at night are dreaming of me too? Would that even be a possibility? It's exciting to think of such a thing. To think we might be intertwined in dreaming. How beautiful.

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