Friday, July 17, 2009

A Letter to my son at 2 months

Friday, April 17, 2009


Here it is...2 months have flown past since God let us borrow you from heaven. I can't hardly believe everything that has happened. I look at you these days, with your eyes so bright and full of wonder, and I can't even imagine life without you in it. How did your father and I even exist without you? The joy and overwhelming happiness you bring into our home is immeasurable. We were happy before, but now it seems we are finally complete.

The beginning was rough. I thought I would never stop crying. The tears were tears of fear, love, sadness, and joy. I felt like a crazy person most of the first few weeks of your life, and I'm sorry if you ever suspected God might have made a mistake by making me your mother. Everything was a challenge. Learning how to breastfeed you, change you, sleep when you slept, bathe you. Babies were never my strong suit, but as the days have passed we have found a routine that works for us. You continually amaze me. With each coo and gurgle you are wrapping me around your little tiny finger, and I find myself more in love with you than the moment before. I watch your baby blues drink in the world around you and am in awe of what you must be thinking and dreaming of.

I know I will miss these early days, your bobble head, the bubbles you blow with your drool, all the first smiles and giggles, but nothing will be better than the days to come. I can't wait for the next day when you teach me something else I didn't know about myself or about being a mother. I can't wait to watch you grow into your gigantic melon, which by the way you got from your father. I want to see your face as you explore the world around you all the while quietly watching from a far ready to attack any one or thing that tries to hurt you.

My whole life has been leading to this, and I am forever thankful to almighty God for bestowing upon me the greatest I love you, Barrett Keith.

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